The West Wittering Memorial Hall, is a registered charity, run by a group of volunteers forming the management commitee.

It is self funding from the income raised from the room rentals. It has no other form of income.

The rental income covers all of the normal annual costs for utilities, insurance and routine maintenance.

Over its history there have been occasions when extra funding has been required for items such as the main roof and the addition of the magnificent Jubilee Room and outside store-rooms.

For projects such as these the management committee have a fund raising campaign which has always been successful.

As we approach the centenary of the Memorial Hall in 2022, the current committee are focused on bringing the hall up to date and in-line with user requirements.

Over the last three years many projects have been completed such as the painting of the whole exterior, the refurbishment of the Ladies and gents Toilets and by no means least the introduction of this website last year which allows us to tell more people about ourselves.

Shown below are some of the projects currently being looked at and worked on by the committee. It is these projects we are fund raising for and do hope that you may be able to help us by making a donation of any size.



Kitchen Refurbishment

Entrance & Courtyard Doors

Kitchen Refurbishment

Thank you to everyone that donated.

The kitchen refurbishment project has been completed and is in full use. The work completed has transformed this working area and we hope everybody will make use of it.


Main Hall

Entrance & Courtyard Doors

Kitchen Refurbishment

The Main Hall has separate items which will need refurbishing. The main windows at the end of the hall need to be replaced, they are double glazed and the seals have gone, therefore providing reduced thermal insulation. (Update - this work has now been completed thanks to a generous donation from the West Wittering Estate).

The stage curtains are in urgent need of replacement and also the addition of a motor drive assembly to improve the ease of operation. The current curtains have been in place since the early 1980's.

The wood floor and stage floor need refurbishment, they are both showing severe signs of wear and tear.


Entrance & Courtyard Doors

Entrance & Courtyard Doors

Entrance & Courtyard Doors

The glass panel doors forming the entrance from the car park into the main corridor and the entrance doors to the courtyard and Jubilee room are in need of replacement.

IF you would like to make a donation, here are the details